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  • John Doe
  • 23 dec, 2023
  • When choosing shoes, if you dont choose the best, then the right place is waiting for you

    In the world of business shoes that don't blister your feet are very important. Many women who walk any distance bring tennis shoes for walks and change them into dress shoes when they get to their workplace. When they make these changes, it's not uncommon for you to see them transform into some sort of heel. This is definitely not the case when all women are in high heels. Today's business world will see women wearing low and thick heels to protect their feet.

    If attending an event such as a wedding or other banquet type party, high heels make a huge comeback. Most women will wear them to complement their outfit. They will either match the dress or contrast.

    Tennis shoes are a favorite when it comes to gardening, shopping, house cleaning, etc. These shoes provide comfort and protection to the feet. If a woman is working in the yard or playing a game, tennis shoes will protect her feet while keeping them comfortable. If she spends all day shopping for tennis shoes, her day will eventually get easier as she walks for hours.

    Sandals are summer shoes. Well-pedicured feet are just waiting to be seen in shoes that are nothing more than padding and straps. Fingers are painted in different colors which adorn the dress and style choices.

    In the cold winter months, full size boots of all sizes are described. Boots that are tall can be worn with a mid-length skirt to reflect the style of the boot. Recently, people who prefer cowboy boots have started wearing their jeans inside their boots. Again, this reflects the style of the bot.

    Short shoes can also make a statement. Short boots can be worn with long skirts. This combination can make as much of a stylish statement as the opposite. Small shoes can be worn with slacks in a place of business. People who work in the city and choose to switch between tennis shoes and sneakers will have an easier time switching with short shoes than tall shoes.

    Shoes are a specific piece that makes a style. They make a statement and add function to fashion. They can feel your feet floating in the clouds or they can put a punchline to a sparkly number. Style is defined by every piece of clothing, including shoes.

    Women's Bridget Chukka Lace

    $80.99 Sale Original price:$109.95


    Meet Bridget, she's from the 90s. Inspired by one of our most loved original comfort styles, Bridgeport, AKAOG. Hush Puppies, but upgraded with our huggable comfort technology, an on-trend platform heel and super funky colors. We recommend pairing the Bridget with your favorite pair of relaxed jeans, whether you're running errands or catching up with friends for brunch.

    Men's Detroit Chukka

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    Meet our Detroit Plain Toe Chukka Boot. These casually comfortable and effortlessly cool shoes are sure to rank up your wardrobe. Crafted from soft suede or full-grain leather, these casual shoes will keep their classic look because they're made with WorryFree material that resists stains and water. Plus, these lace-up shoes are built with our Bounce footbed for added comfort and energy return, so you can hit those weekend errands in style.

    Women's Sadie Tassel 2

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    Sassy, classy and fun give your feet the fanfare they deserve with our Sadie Tassel 2. These best-selling flats are bigger and better than ever. We kept our #1 selling leopard but added a fun cow print with a multi-colored tassel detail on the toe to add the perfect amount of pizzazz to any outfit. The Sadie 2 wraps your feet in comfort like a hug, thanks to our Bounce technology an ultra-sleek sole with an extra layer of memory foam to return energy with every step. Plus, our Heel Pillow comfort pad prevents chafing and adds cushioning where you need it most.

    Men's Bennet Plain Toe Oxford

    $106.99 Sale Original price:$139.95

    Goodbye, blisters. Our Bennett Plain Toe Oxford is ready for all-day wear. Step into 360º comfort with the PerfectFit Stretch System that hugs your foot for instant flexibility and comfort. Available in a handful of neutral, easy-to-style colors, they're sure to be your go-to shoe all season long.


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